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Google Tasks on a Hosted Account

Google recently released a web accessible version of their Tasks application. It’s a great way to manage your tasks on a mobile device, and another of Google’s applications that I will be using from now on. One problem was that it wasn’t immediately obvious is how to access it you have labs/tasks enabled on a…

Raising Money For Charity

I’m donating 10p per follower I get in Feburary – find out why, the charities and what it all means

A Company is Born

Part of the Spend Meter/OPC project was to build and launch a product. One thing that didn’t get done was setting up a company – is that company.

What is VRM

An introduction to VRM and our understanding of what it is and what it could be.

Why O2 need VRM

The nightmare that was trying to replace an iPhone with O2

Great example of typography & modal dialogs

I’ve been researching into new designs and features for the Tactile CRM website and came across The Typographic Desktop Reference website: Straight away the site gets to the point and shows you what the product is all about – I’m seriously considering purchasing the book – but also, it has a great way to show…