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B2B CRM’s Indentity Crisis

I don’t often ‘Google‘ for our own software product, but since launching the new site I’ve been checking a few pages to see how we are doing – imagine my surprise when I found a competitor ‘passing off’ as us for our own name! (Yes there is a free trial of Tactile CRM, you can…

Tactile CRM selected for Web Mission 2009

I’m really please to announce that Tactile CRM has been selected to represent UK web innovation abroad on the UKTI sponsored Web Mission. We will be spending an intensive week in San Francisco networking, arranging meetings and attending the expo. If you’d like to meet up whilst we’re there get in touch and we’ll try…

The making of Tactile CRM – the movie

The video was created using iMovie, IShowU and a logitech microphone (actually my old PS2 one from SOCOM). Things I found making the video: Capturing the screencast was easy Recording audio took a reasonable amount of time Editing was time consuming Normalise your audio ‘Proof listen/view’ your video before publishing it iMovie was fairly easy…

Tactile CRM – the movie

It’s not as star studded and glamorous as the BAFTAs or Oscars, and it’s my first time making a video, so please be gentle – for your veiwing pleasure, Tactile CRM – an introduction: Tactile CRM: an Introduction from Jake Stride on Vimeo.

New Tactile CRM interface – a sneak peak

I’m currently putting together an introductory video for Tactile CRM to go on the new website – in advance of that I thought some screenshots may be of some interest.

Twitter, Mainstream? What say you?

We’re hearing more and more about Twitter – is it becoming mainstream?