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Week with Windows – Day 1: Not as bad as I expected!

So I have gone the whole day using windows – most of my time today has been in IE and I’ve found a few visual tweaks to Tactile CRM that are being taken care of. All in all it was a lot less painful than I expected – main points are: I got to use…

Windows for a Week Challenge

I’m challenging myself as a mac user to run Windows for a week. I’ve got a fresh install of Vista on my iMac and I’m going to document how it goes. The main reason for this is research for our Tactile CRM product – we develop on Macs and Linux in the office and test…

Companies House website sucks

A bit of background: Companies House is the UK government organisation responsible for maintaining and updating company information, their main functions are to: incorporate and dissolve limited companies; examine and store company information delivered under the Companies Act and related legislation; and make this information available to the public. Companies House are also the only…

Why support shouldn’t be second class for free accounts

Find out why we’re dropping the shenanigans and giving free email support to everyone (including those on our free accounts)

Tactile CRM at SXSW

Check out the video interview I did at SXSW this year with the CenterNetworks team, not sure why I always look tired – I can assure you I wasn’t when this was taken!

New Graphs: all staff pipelines (and more)

You spoke and we listened! It was often requested that being able to see pipelines and sales reports for all users in an organisation would be useful; so today I’m pleased to announce that if you login to your account (as an admin)* you will now be able to see the full range of graphs…