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Some quick Tactile Stats

Tactile CRM has been available for just over a month now. We currently have over 700 pages linking to us (according to Google), and have just reach our 300th signup.

Chipping away at the institutions!

So we finally got a mention on one of the big blogs today – ReadWriteWeb mentioned about our Google Contacts API integration (Greg is putting the finishing touches to a tech post on this which will be up tomorrow) in one of their articles and a link through to the Tactile CRM. Next stage is…

Viral Marketing

So Pot Noodle have done a spoof of the excellent Guiness advert This is one of those viral marketing ideas at its best – 160,000 hits in a week. So how do we do the same thing for Tactile CRM? Well we can’t do the same for Tactile, but we are trying to build buzz…

Tactile Take Two

Tactile CRM has been live for a month now and we now have over 275 people using the system. We want to carry on improving our CRM system and this is where we need your help. We want to start incorporating some of the new features from Tactile CRM into our Open Source product, EGS,…

WebMission 2008, a follow up

So Tactile CRM didn’t get chosen for Web Mission 2008, but the list of those going is now up so best of luck to all of those involved, should be a really good event.

Using Google AdWords

So I am starting to get addicted to AdWords. tweaking keywords and adverts to boost signups for¬†Tactile CRM, our cost effect contact and sales system. I won’t mention specific competitors but I have been surprised that our advert being shown against one of our competitors is proving to drive the most traffic and signups to…