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LeWeb 08

Loic and Geraldine Le Meur announced LeWeb 08 today. I plan to go along but waiting for the registration to open.

Features for use, or features for PR

When launching a new product, such as Tactile CRM, I have found there are two main areas that you need to work on. The first is obviously writing the software itself and the second is marketing that product and getting people to use/pay for it. Tactile CRM has been live for a couple of months…

Here be Dragons

Say hello to ‘Denver the Dragon’! We are off to the BStartup Exhibition on Friday to exhibit Tactile CRM, our simple web-based contact and sales management system. We have done a few shows before and it gets a bit boring after you fill up your goody bag with free pens. So this time we put…

Tactile CRM – twitpitch

The Tactile CRM twitpitch (check out the original) – – easy, simple to use affordable web based CRM, sales & contact management system for small businesses.

Tactile CRM Facebook Page

Love Tactile CRM, use FaceBook? Then join the new Tactile CRM FaceBook page and become a fan today!

Tactile CRM on Amazon

So we recently applied to be put on the Amazon Marketplace as we use S3 for file storage for Tactile CRM, and it must have gone through as it appeared on the Amazon Developer newsletter this month. A nice upshot is that we have had a peak in sign ups today as people are getting…