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The nightmare that is O2 and the iPhone 3G

I’m not an angry man and it takes a lot to irritate me, but O2 have managed it today. Rewind a few weeks to the announcement by Apple that the 3G iPhone is being launched on the 11th July. I patiently waited for O2 to update their website, and registered to be kept updated (nothing…

Diary of yet another startup, or Launch a Web App. Take 2.

We successfully launched Tactile CRM earlier this year and have lots of nice people onboard – thanks to everyone who is using it. Work has now begun on our second application in the suite, Resolve RM, and we will be writing about the process of launching it on this blog. No holds bar’d, the good…

Funny Pub Sign

I saw this sign outside of my local pub. Brought a smile to my face:

Fuel Conference

I had a great time at the Fuel Conference last Friday. I thought it was very well organised and the content/speakers were great. As usual, missrogue was very good (and jet lagged) – slides are below: | View | Upload your own I also had a chance to meet the guys from soocial, and rummble…

Thinking Digital Buzzword Bingo

As mentioned at Thinking Digital, here is the first pass at BuzzWord Bingo for the conference.

Thinking Digital

I’m at Thinking Digital in Newcastle this week. Went to a great presentation yesterday by Tara Hunt, slides are below, and met some great people, including one of my university lecturers Lindsay Marshall. | View | Upload your own It kicks off properly today so I’ll write some more about it this evening, in the…