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The Business of Analytics

As 2009 begins we are entering a time of change. From the uncertainties of a recession and falling exchange rates to a new President in the White House it will, without doubt, be a tumultuous year. For businesses, 2009 will be year that makes us. It is the wake up call we have needed after…

Spend Meter is go!

I’m pleased to say the Spend Meter got built for Operation Canine and it looks like an awesome application (if I do say so myself!). Full details are on the Spend Meter website, and there’s a screenshot below of what it looks like:

World’s most retarded parking system

I’m on my way to London for a reception for Digital Mission companies and it’s turning into a mission. First of all I tried to get the Oxford Espress and they don’t take cards – I can understand that, but not having a cash point at the park and ride bus station is stupid. So…

This week I am spending time on #operationcanine

This week we are building and launching a new product which we will donate 50% of the first year’s profits to charity. The product is called Spend Meter, and we’re live blogging progress at Operation Canine.

Is Linked In starting to make more sense to the UK market?

I’ve been ‘on’ Linked In for a far while now, and understood the basic idea behind it (I understand it as a service to manage and grow your network of business contacts), but never really understood the value behind it until now. It has been big in the US and elsewhere for a while, but…


In the current economic situation it is the companies that keep it simple (stupid) and streamline their processes who will be the winners. When it comes to pricing this couldn’t be more true, and is often an area that is overlooked. At Tactile CRM we’re currently simplifying our pricing structure, to make it easier for…