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Tactile CRM – spreading the word

As if on queue, a new version of Crunchbase has been released. I have just tried to submit our low cost, affordable CRM system – Tactile. Techcrunch is one of those great places to get noticed by and can often help make web applications. It is notoriously difficult to catch their attention as they are…

Web Mission 2008

As a new Make Your Mark Connector I have been taking a look through some of the various bits and pieces that they do/are involved in and came across a fairly timely event that could be very useful in the Launch of Tactile CRM – Web Mission 2008. As press and e-coverage is key to…

How to launch a web application

Lots of people write about launching a new web application from different perspectives/view points and at we are no different; with the pending launch of Tactile CRM (you can sign up with the code APPROVED) we are going to write about the various promotion, pitfalls and successes that we achieve over the launch of…

EasyPizza’s Website is Rubbish

So we fancied some delivery pizza today and thought we would try EasyPizza. They have launched in Coventry and it seems like a good deal. After duly selecting the three pizzas and pressing order we were presented with a hideous ASP error that stopped us ordering. Now as web application developers we knew roughly what…


I didn’t get this to start with. But now I think it is frankly awesome. What do you think?

Business Cards

So with the new re-brand we need to put together some new business cards. This photo set is a great source of inspiration!