Getting your CRM right

CRM is important to get right before you and your business jump into a social CRM strategy

Get your CRM right before jumping into Social CRM

Social CRM is getting a lot of press coverage of late, and rightly so – it’s a great way to expand your customer reach, become known as an expert in your field and win new business.

However it’s not the ‘silver bullet’ that will save/expand your business with no thought given to your current CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. We see lots of people trying to jump into Social CRM before they even have the basics right with their current CRM system/process.

Social CRM is perceived to be easy and cheap – it’s not. Think about how much time you are spending tweeting/face booking/etc. – it is definitely worthwhile doing right, see how our friends at Pepsmedia are helping people exploit scrm, but before you jump headlong into a scrm strategy make sure your crm is in order to handle all those new customers/enquirerers.

This can be as simple as a spreadsheet to keep contacts and information upto date and a good todo application if it’s just you. A simple CRM system for your small business, how about our easy contact management system Tactile CRM, Highrise or Capsule CRM. Or something a bit bigger such as Salesforce, Dynamics or Sage CRM if you business needs more process.