Marketing Automation Software

Finding out how you can improve your sales conversion and generate better leads

Do you know what marketing automation software is? We would like your help.

At we work with organisations of all sizes to offer independent CRM consulting. One area we are currently looking into is marketing or sales force automation software. It seems to us that this area is still unexploited by small business and we want to know why.

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First up ‘marketing automation’ is how this software is normally described. Here is a quick break down of the kind of thing it does:

  1. Somebody visits your website, their details such as where they came from, pages they look at, etc. are captured automatically (this part is similar to Google Analytics)
  2. The visitor completes a ‘call to action’, such as filling out a web form. Their contact details are automatically tied to their site history, you are alerted and hopefully the details are also added to your CRM system (if you use one).
  3. The visitor might visit your site several times and you start to get a good idea of exactly what a specific (named) visitor is interested in.
  4. You can then use this information you have captured to call/contact the lead.
  5. As you move through your sales process you capture more information, if the person visits the website you are automatically alerted.
  6. If you win/lose the sale this closes the loop so you can build more useful information about your site visitors.
  7. The software can ‘nuture’ leads by sending them emails depending on what they have downloaded, a series of emails to get them to further interact with you, etc.

All of this is easy to integrate with your website/business but can have a great impact on the number of sales you win.

There are already a number of larger organisations offering software like this at the top end of the market, these include:

Traditionally this has been called sales/marketing software but what would you search for in google if you were looking for this type of software? We’d love to hear you comments and ideas/thoughts, let us know in the comments below.