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Introducing visual cues in Tactile CRM

Visual cues is the fancy name for a new feature we have just added to Tactile CRM to allow users to upload logos/pictures against people and organisations within the system.

Overview of the new people page

We’ve been wanting to add this for some time and have been playing around with a few different ways of doing it – the reason is simple, research shows that scanning a list/series of images is a far quicker way of finding information and that the brain is better at processing these visual clues.

As Tactile CRM is designed to make your day to day business life easier to manage we thought this would be a great way to help save some time.

The process is easy. Simple view an organisation or person, click on the icon to the left of their name and an upload box will appear:

Image Upload Dialog

The image will be automatically resized and stored against them (this works the same for logos and pictures against organisations and people). The images will then be displayed when you view them on the overview pages:

People Overview

and when you view each item:

View of a person with a picture

We hope you find this new feature useful – it’s part of some larger UI updates we have been doing – and has been lead by user feedback and suggestions, so if you want to see something in Tactile CRM, just share your ideas on our feedback forum.


  1. I suppose it helpful to see your customers face to face. Much can be said about peoples names but faces can say alot. Though I wouldn't want to be the one to upload 1000's of photos of customers all day long. Might take a while with a large CRM database.

    CRM Guy / 09 Jun 2009 / 10:27 am

  2. Agreed, but with Tactile CRM you have the concept of 'recently viewed' people and if you keep them up to date it becomes more manageable.

    Jake / 09 Jun 2009 / 10:32 am

  3. Hi Jake I could do with updating the details for TactileCRM on this page... http://www.modernselling.com/business-directory-sales-team-suppliers/technology/software-services-crm.aspx ...can you advise please. Thanks Neil

    Neil Warren / 09 Jun 2009 / 2:54 pm