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How we doubled our email click throughs in half an hour

We use Campaign Monitor to send out our ‘monthly’ Tactile CRM newsletter. After reading a recent article on their blog about how they redesigned their newsletter I thought I’d apply some of the principles to ours and see what a difference it made.

The changes made a massive effect (in a good way). Using their ideas/suggestions we doubled the click through rate on our emails (consequently we saw a big spike in traffic to the website/blog) and increased our open rate by 50%.

All of this took about half an hour – we already had the content, and used the campaign monitor templates with a few tweaks of our own. Now that we know it works we’ll spend a bit more time with our own design and look and feel but all in all it was time well spent.

The main changes we made were:

  • Including a ‘table of contents’ in the header so people can jump straight to content and see if it interested them
  • Short snippets for each story inviting them to click through to the blog/website where relevant
  • More like a newsletter than an email

This last point is quite important. If you look at the new newsletter below, it looks more like a newsletter than an email with a lot of text (like the original) – I still wanted to include a personal greeting at the top but I think the blend works well and the results speak for themsleves.

New Newsletter

New Tactile CRM Newsletter

Old Newsletter


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  1. Very cool - thanks for sharing!

    David Haywood Smith / 05 Mar 2009 / 4:14 pm