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Catch up with us at SXSWi

This week I’m heading off to the SXSWi conference as part of a group of 35 of the UK’s leading SMEs from the digital industry.

I’ll be in Austin, Texas on the Digital Mission from 12-18 March 2009 so if you would like to catch up with me to discuss Tactile CRM, Spend Meter, or our latest product Resolve RM (or anything else for that matter!), drop me an email to jake [at] omelett dot es and I’ll sort something out.


It’s part of a UKTI trade mission and is designed to help UK companies better equip themselves for business in the States (I have already been on one previously to NYC that was incredible useful and we’re delighted to have been accepted on the second of these this year).

Photo Credit: Eschipul

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