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The New Tactile CRM Website

If you’ve visited the Tactile CRM website recently (and it wasn’t your first visit), you will have noticed that it looked a little different! We’ve taken the opportunity to give it a refresh alongside the new version of Tactile CRM that we have just released.

New Tactile CRM Website

The old site was looking tired and it didn’t reflect what Tactile CRM could do. We’ve got a load of new testimonials (drop me an email to jake [at] tactilecrm dot com if you are interested in being included), new video content and hopefully an all round better site.

That’s not the end though, we’re going to be making some tweaks and changes over the coming months using what is known as A/B split testing (we try making small changes, record the difference in signups and make a decision based on that – if you want a really dull in-depth explanation, check out wikipedia) to see how we can increase the sign up and conversion rates to make sure even more people benefit from Tactile CRM.

As always, your comments thoughts, feedback and suggestions are gratefully received.

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