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Tactile CRM V3 – New UI

The new version of Tactile CRM has a brand new interface – you can see some examples of it and this is what the new version looks like:

New Tactile CRM Dashboard

What I wanted to take a look at was some of the new UI features we have added (above tidying it up and making it look prettier) that add new functionality.

Quick Add

One of the key new features is the ‘Quick Add’ tab that allows you to quickly add a new item from any page within Tactile CRM


We had a lot of feedback from users that if you were working on something (such as adding a note or viewing a person), then needed to add something, you had to use ‘two mouse clicks’ to get to the add screen.

This is quite a common usage pattern within Tactile CRM so we’ve added a new tab that uses some nifty javascript to display the options when you move your mouse over it.

Now all you need is one click and you are there.

Custom Views

We’ve added the ability to customise your view of data (on the dashboard for example) and choose to restrict how you view your data. The screen shot below shows how you can easily choose which organisations you want to see:


We decided showing this on the screen the whole time was a pain and took up valuable screen real-estate. We’ve got over that by showing the current view and showing you the options when you move your mouse over it.

Pop Up Lightboxes

We’ve got some cool new integrations with other products – FreshBooks is there already, Campaign Monitor is in testing along with Hosted VOIP/Telephony integration. As a result we have the situation where it is useful to be able to send/receive data to those other systems.

Light Box

We’ve started using lightboxes to display these forms to reduce page loads and allow you to work within the system in a more flowing/natural way.

These are just a few of the more obvious additions and many have been lead by user suggestions. We take all the feedback we receive seriously so check out feedback forums if you want to influence Tactile CRM!

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