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Stop the fan boys at conferences – #leweb

I’m almost back home after a few days in Paris at Le Web. Many people have written about their experiences, my favourite is Paul Carr‘s on the Guardian website. I don’t agree with all of it but I do have a few points of my own:

  1. Day 2 was better than day 1, more tech content and interesting speakers
  2. Lack of wi-fi was really irritating but it meant as a participant I had more reason to give speakers my full attention
  3. What is with all the ‘fan boys’ saying don’t worry Loic, it was still a great conference.

That last point is my biggest bug-bear. I had a great time at Le Web, but because like all of these conferences I went to meet the people that are there, more than for the content. However, having paid for my ticket the conference itself was not great. I understand the issues and Loic is responding to them, however moving venues and all of the problems could have been tested before hand. If it was a problem with Swisscom they should get a refund and pass some of that saving onto people who paid for their tickets surely.

If Loic Lemeur took anything away from the conference it should be from his last interview with Gary Vaynerchuck, you customers are always right and put them first before everything else (or something similar).

I may make it to the next Le Web if it survives, but at the moment I won’t pay for a ticket and I’ll be there for the after conference events which is where the value normally lies for me.

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