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Tactile CRM: ‘Clients’ and ‘Leads’ become ‘Organisations’

As part of today’s new release of our award winning simple CRM for small businesses – Tactile CRM, we made one major change that should make our lives a lot easier, and keep things easy to use for people using Tactile CRM.

We’ve merged the ‘Clients’ and ‘Leads’ tabs to become ‘Organisations’.

New Organisations

Previously Tactile CRM had the concept of clients and leads. When we built the system we made a concious decision to seperate out clients (companies/organisations you actually work with/sell to) and leads (companies/organisations you are talking with, but don’t yet work with, or would like to work with).

This decision was based upon our work with companies building bespoke web software systems to enable their CRM systems. Traditionally the work was with larger corporates and this distinction was needed to help keep their systems neat and tidy. We thought this would be a great concept to bring to Tactile CRM, however we were wrong.

Analysing the database and our user stats we can now see that most people don’t use the ‘Leads’ functionality, and with the addition of the new tag features, it isn’t really needed. We also tended to get a reasonable number of support requests asking what the difference between Clients and Leads, or Leads and Opportunities were.

Tactile CRM version 2 now has the ‘Organisations’ tab which has all the ‘Clients’ and ‘Leads’ together – for users that did use the Leads tab, we have automatically tagged all the ‘Leads’ with the tag ‘Lead’. If you don’t want this tag, you can use the new tag features to easily remove it.

We hope that you find this new feature useful, and would love to hear any comments or feedback that you may have.


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